#120: An Amazing Adventure: Beans Again

A client comes in just before close and collapses in the chair by your desk and details the rates he’s been offered by the insurance company a few blocks away. Your boss gives you eyebrows as he leaves and shuts off the main lights and the word abandoned comes to your mouth and you foresee an hour here arguing decisions above your level of authority but finally the client leaves and you shut off the light in your part of the room and at home your son is sullen and says he’s eaten two candy bars from the vending machine out by the complex’s pool.

You meant to stop on the way home but the grocery store seemed a gauntlet of bright lights and high prices and now you wonder what’s in the fridge. You turn on the oven and line a pan with foil and pour in what’s left of the green beans from last night and your son comes in and says, Again? You tell him there’s not a lot to choose from and he says I’ll pee in it. Instead of peeing in the pan he takes something from the spice rack and unscrews the cap and pours it in and then stands there waiting. You take the jar from him, empty now, and read: nutmeg.


slip the pan into the oven anyway and tell him to set the table.

fling the beans across the kitchen with a sweep of your arm that reminds you of a backhand you were regularly praised for in high school tennis practices.


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